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Mark Frederick Schlereth popularly known as Mark Schlereth is a television sportscaster and a former professional American football player. Mark Schlereth played guard in the NFL for twelve seasons from 1989 to 2000 for popular teams Denver Broncos and Washington Redskins.

Mark Schlereth is currently a famous football analyst for Sportscenter, ESPN on “NFL Live”, and other sports channels. He also appears as occasional fill-in host and guest on “Mike in the Morning” and ESPN Radio's Mike. Mark Schlereth has recently forayed into acting by accepting a role in soap opera entitled “Guiding Light” aired during 2007.

Mark Schlereth was born on 25th January 1966 at Anchorage a township based in American state of Alaska. As a child Mark Schlereth faced the problems related to dyslexia however he picked up with age. In 1984, he finished his initial education from Robert Service High School. Mark was lucky to get a football scholarship from the University of Idaho, he played at the offensive line for chief coach Keith Gilbertson and as a defense quarterback for John Friesz and Scott Linehan. Mark Schlereth displayed great passion for playing football, this helped him master the sport of his choice and bring out applauded performances on the field. His fast moving legs adept in guiding football in tough matches always got cheers from the fans.

Mark Schlereth was selected for the 10th round of the NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins in 1989. He played in twelve NFL seasons which included six with the Denver Broncos from 1995 to 2000 and six with Washington from 1989 to 1994. Schlereth was also a member of three Super Bowl championship teams and Pro Bowl. During his career in football, Mark underwent nearly 20 surgeries on his knees and 9 other surgeries primarily due to sports related injuries. Undergoing frequent treatment followed by a intermittent period of rest never kept him away from football. This also demonstrates his game spirit, in spite of all the medical intervention Mark Schlereth always bounced back to the field with ever increasing vigor and skill during his professional career.

Mark Schlereth declared retirement from football on 18th April 2001. Later, he took up a job with the leading sports channel ESPN. Schlereth along with former Broncos lineman David "Doc" Diaz-Infante hosted a sports talk radio show on the popular Denver AM radio 760. Mark Schlereth talk show soon gathered a huge listener base as it always strived to provide quality information to its audience about the present happenings in the field of football in general. Mark Schlereth also worked as an analyst with ESPN often profoundly discussing football on screen. Besides regularly hosting NFL Live, Schlereth interest in acting landed him the role of Detective Roc Hoover in the soap opera entitled Guiding Light. This soap opera played an instrumental role in bringing out the actor hidden within the football legend.

Alexandria, Mark's daughter is an actress who had her share of fame through the Desire series aired on the MyNetworkTV. Daniel, Mark's son was chosen in the Major League Baseball in 2008. Daniel presently plays for the team named South Bend Silver Hawks. Schlereth teammates often referred him by a nickname “stink”. The nick name “stink” was popular during his football career; the name has mysteriously percolated to his current media circle and referred on screen. Mark Schlereth has recently signed an agreement with ESPN to work as a studio analyst on the popular NFL2Nite and he also co-hosts a radio talk show on KTLK-AM in Denver.