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Actress, dancer and model  Nicole Austin, known more popularly as Coco Austin, Coco Marie, Coco-T or just plain Coco was born on March 17, 1979 in Palos Verdes, California. She is the daughter of a pair of actors who met on the set of Bonanza, and has one sister. Her sister, when young, would mispronounce Nicole’s name as ‘Coco’, and the nickname stuck.

Austin was raised for her first ten years in California, after which point her family relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Austin proved something of a tomboy growing up, enjoying football and a number of other normally ‘boy’-centric sports.

That didn’t mean she shunned other pursuits, however, and when she was only 6 Austin began training in dance at the behest of her parents. Her mother introduced Austin to the stage very early, having been involved with a number of productions in Albuquerque, and soon enough Austin found herself appearing in modeling competitions. By 14 she’d won the Beverly Hills Studio modeling contest, taking a $10,000 scholarship home with her. She attended school with fellow future luminaries Hilary Swank and Jessica Alba.

Once she turned 18 Austin began specializing her modeling experience, moving particularly into swimsuit, lingere and body modeling. She began entering swimsuit competitions and appeared on a number of calendars and videos. In that same year she won the Miss Ujena Contest in Mexico.

Despite her popularity Austin decided she wanted better breasts, however, and shortly after getting surgery to enhance their size and shape she began modeling in the nude. In 2001 she began working for Playboy, appearing at a number of parties at the Playboy Mansion. She would only stay with them for six months, though Austin has appeared in the magazine since then In this time she also began appearing in a number of R-rated films, beginning with Southwest Babes in 2001. More would follow in subsequent years with Desert Rose, Angel Blade and The Dirty Monks.

Austin has since become a pin-up celebrity, appearing frequently on magazine covers and in videos covering her photo shoots. She also puts out frequent calendars showcasing her body and has a website that receives a large volume of visitors every week.

Austin achieved a new height of fame when she married rapper and actor Ice-T. The two appear together frequently at public events, often with Austin appearing in provocative ensembles. The two have also featured together in a number of television appearances (always as themselves), the most prominent and interesting of which was probably her appearance on Celebrity Family Feud where she and Ice-T fought it out with Joan Rivers and daughter Melissa Rivers.

Austin’s latest role is in the newly released movie Thira. She appeared alongside husband Ice-T in the movie, though hers is the spot of a secondary character. She has also recently appeared again in the March 2008 issue of Playboy.